Meeting passionate people who make a diference in people’s lives is a real buzz . . . which is why it was wonderful to have met Dylan Alcott OAM at the launch of uLaunch in Parramatta last year. is an outstanding initiative revolutionising employment opportunities for people with disability who want to work.

AKG congratulations on your forward thinking investment.

This partnership marks a step toward dismantling the longstanding barriers that hinder employment opportunities for people living with disabilities.

Dylan Alcott has been a champion in advocating for disability rights, emphasising a stark reality: “Employment equality for people with disabilities has not changed in more than 28 years. More than 500,000 working-aged people with disabilities are currently actively looking for work.” It’s a call to action that we at AKG take seriously; by aligning with, we are setting the stage for transformative change.

This collaboration is not just about shared values and creating jobs; it’s about reshaping the conversation around disability, employment, and social inclusion.