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Impactful Storytelling

Who’s Who in Gov’t

Impactful Storytelling

A natural born storyteller, Brenden Brien has made a career out of crafting stories to engage, educate and empower audiences to act.

Win Win Outcomes will implement a Head, Heart and Hands content strategy:

• “Head” - Future-looking thought leadership content • “Heart” - Inspiring success stories • “Hands” – Practical ‘How To’ content.

With 25 years’ experience, Brenden understands great stories - Build relationships. Relationships build trust. Trust drives revenue.

Who’s Who in Government

The magic of a government relations happens when you align the government’s strategy or direction with your product or service (the solution).

To get on the front foot with government you must build the right relationships and know who’s who when it comes to parliamentarians, advisors, bureaucrats and organisational ‘movers and shakers’.

With 25 years’ experience working in and around political parties, Brenden Brien empowers you with the knowledge you need to successfully engage political decision makers.

You’ll be positioned as an industry expert who offers valuable insights, facts, figures and beneficial industry-based success stories.

Take massive action - Engage, Engage, Engage with Government today.

Latest News

Bridging the Disability Employment Gap

Today I reconnected with Karni Liddell whose life was shaped by a simple ‘head nod’ – A small act which had a great impact!!!

Karni shared her lived experience along with other great advocates Dylan Alcott OAM, Dr Lisa Chaffey ClinScD PLY, and Paul Harpur at the launch of uLaunch.

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GeSS the new game in vocational education

GeSS Education’s Cristine Russell continues to drive innovation in the Education and Training sector.
Esports, or competitive video gaming, has surged in popularity, with skilled players competing in events from local to international level.

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Mean streets of Brisbane inspire film.

Business leaders have kicked in support for a new short film about homelessness in Brisbane. It was wonderful to connect Director Mel Pool with the Courier-Mail’s Glen Norris to share the store in the City Beat column.

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