Eddie Kocwa aiming to put drive back into Australian car manufacturing industry

Eddie Kocwa’s factory north of Brisbane is buzzing.

Workers are pouring over lines of imported US pickup trucks, removing the left hand steering controls, replacing them with right hand drives and adding accessories.

A large “Manufacturing Aussie Jobs” banner hangs on the wall as Mr Kocwa, the co-owner of SCD Remanufacturerd Vehicles and a former star footballer on the American college circuit, explains his ambitions to rebuild our defunct national car manufacturing sector.

The Power of Australian Owned

The power of Australian Owned was on show when Councillor Adam Allan visited AUSMV facility at Brendale.
Australian Owned founder Eddie Kocwa aims to strengthen local communities through jobs and investment, contributing to Australia’s long-term prosperity.

Why is the number #07286 so special?

It’s Win Win Outcomes’ Australian Owned licence number.

Australian Owned was started by Eddie Kocwa who is passionate about:

• Giving Australian business the tools to grow,

• Strengthening local communities through jobs and investment, and

• Contributing to the long-term prosperity of Australia.