Today I reconnected with Karni Liddell whose life was shaped by a simple ‘head nod’ – A small act which had a great impact!!!

Karni shared her lived experience along with other great advocates Dylan Alcott OAM, Dr Lisa Chaffey ClinScD PLY, and Paul Harpur at the launch of uLaunch.

Hosted by Professor Peter Shergold, uLaunch partners with people living with disability, illness and injury to co-create new pathways to fulfilling and meaningful employment.

Karni’s parents gave her the all important head nod when she shared her dream to become an Olympic swimmer despite the doctors saying she’d never walk – Karnie went on to represent Australia at the 1996 Paralympics.

Like everyone, people with a disability need community allies to believe they can achieve. Karni went on to become a role model for others – because you can be what you can see.

For three decades, employment rates for people with disability have consistently trailed nearly 30% behind the general population. This stark reality highlights the urgent need for change and innovation in the realm of inclusive employment practices.

Forty percent of uLaunch’s staff identify as having a disability.